Bet Angel - Betfair Trading Software Review

bet angel review

You may be thinking, what is Bet Angel? And why have I never heard of it?

Gamblers who use BetFair as their primary bookmaker will be aware of how valuable this betting software app is.

Bet Angel is a third-party software that partners with BetFair, who specialises in trading markets for both experienced and inexperienced punters.

Who runs Bet Angel?

It’s a brainchild of Peter Webb, a well-known betting trader who developed the software to take advantage of trading bookmakers.

He was a popular figure on Twitter, so he developed Bet Angel to help punters not only understand trading betting, but also boost profits.

What is Bet Angel?

Like the name suggests, Bet Angel is a savior for punters to come to grips with trading. What is trading?

If you have ever visited the BetFair website, you’ll notice that punters can either back or lay a betting option. This is unique in the world of betting, and many punters don’t try it because it can be difficult to understand.

Trading is essentially backing and laying an option to secure a profit. There is nothing shady about the practice, it’s just mathematics, timing, and persistence.

The objective of Bet Angel is to give punters the best odds of making a profit. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game, or if you have years of experience, the software makes trading easy.

How to use Bet Angel

The app allows you to scan markets and place bets quickly. You want to place bets quickly in order to maximise your potential value, as market odds change at the blink of an eye.

With three different versions of Bet Angel available.

The basic package allows punters to download the software for free and do basic exchange trading.

Features include one click betting, auto-refreshing chart, fast refresh rates, and a greening up function.

The “greening up” function allows you to make a profit before the game has started.

Please be aware, the Basic version is vastly different to the Professional package. If you’re seriously considering becoming a trader, we recommend the Professional edition.

Punters get a wealth of betting tools with the Professional Bet Angel system. A leading trading platform, Bet Angel Professional is a one-stop shop for making money betting the sports markets.

Below are some of the features.

  • Practice mode
  • Advanced charting
  • Cash-Out
  • Tennis trader
  • In-Play Trader
  • Tutorial videos

You can try this software for 14 days without cost. If you want to continue using this service, it’s very cheap and the payoffs can be big.

Bet Angel Features

Bet Angel comes with many useful features for bettors. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game, they all help with BetFair’s trading platform.


The prized act of the Bet Angel software is charting. Equipped with custom charts for punters to set their own parameters, charting is a must-have when trading.


Automation takes all the hassle of watching markets and placing bets yourself. While it’s not recommended for new punters, it’s a tool that places bets depending on your set price points.

It does all the work for you, so when you get home from your round of golf, you’ll hopefully have made a good profit for little hassle.

Sport-specific Predictors

Bet Angel currently offers a tennis and soccer price predictor. It allows punters to get some inside information on upcoming tennis and soccer fixtures.

It makes it easier to frame markets and lock in your price points.

Excel spreadsheet integration

Excel isn’t a glamorous part of betting on sport, but for traders, it’s a handy tool.

The spreadsheet integration lets you write your own automation trading or betting bot, based on your excel sheet information.


Dutching is when you back multiple options in one market. For instance, you back two different horses in one race.

It gives you a better chance of win, but your outlay will be increased. Bet Angel’s tools makes dutching easier and it’s a great tool to have for value traders.

Practice Mode

We all love to practice before putting our hard-earned money down. Practice Mode allows you to learn everything about the software, and it’s great for beginners.

You can make as many mistakes as you want. It’s all play money, so give it a try before you start trading your own money.

Bet Angel Guides and Customer Service

Bet Angel has plenty of how-to guides for new and experienced traders. They are all top-quality and they cover a wide range of sports and features.

If you ever have any questions, the FAQ and support sections will be of great service. The team at Bet Angel is always willing to hear your questions, so contact the team for more info.

Overall, the customer service and help guides are one of the best aspects of this software.

What does Bet Angel cost?

The basic package is free, but the professional package will set you back around AU$266 a year.

That’s under $1 a dollar and it’s well worth it in our opinion. To think how much money you could win using this software, spending $266 a year isn’t much in the grand scheme of things.

It’s one of most cost-effective betting tools on the market.