How to Pick a Winning Horse

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Read on below if you want to find out more about learning how to pick a winning horse yourself!

If you are just about to get into horse racing betting, you’ll come to find that it is all about picking a horse that is going to win. It can be difficult to know exactly what is going to make you that big cash. The key is to know these 5 simple aspects, and you’ll be able to make the right choices when trying to bet on a horse in a race.

1. Check The Trainers

When deciding on a horse, you not only want somebody who has won in the past, but you want to go even deeper to check if the trainer they are working with is an accomplished trainer. You want to check when the trainer last claimed that horse, and then you want to see if they have won anything when they started working together. This can all be discovered both online but also by speaking with fellow horse racing betters you meet at competitions. Find a horse who has a trainer who has achieved success in the past, and then try to see if the trainer has won anything with their current horse. Favour the trainers who have won at least 10-15% of their mounts.

2. Check for Horse Equipment Changes

You want to try finding 3-5 different horses who have won their last race, or at least ended up in the top 5 of their last race. You should then check up on which one of these horses have new equipment. You know that a horse is going to run better if they have headlights to help with their sight. Watch out for these small aspects, and you’ll be able to see exactly if they are more prepared today or not.

3. Check the Last 10 Races

Sometimes, you can easily find out which horse is right to bet on based on their last 10 races. When you are completely clueless on which horse to choose, use this trick. You look at one horse and pay attention to their last 10 races, and then you see if there is a pattern. A horse may have 2 in a row, lost, won another, won 2 in a row, and so forth just like it did last time. If there is a pattern, try to see if this next one shows that they’ll be winning. This is very subjective, but it works.

Most online bookmakers will allow you to look at the racing history of horses. Neds is one of Australia’s best online bookmakers for horse racing fans so be sure to check out our review if you are looking for a new bookmaker. Also highly recommended are Sportsbet and BetEasy.

4. Identify Healthy Looking Horses

A lot of horses can tend to look tired, worn out, or just a little bit exhausted, and you can see this based off of their current look. If they seem a little tired before the race even starts, avoid betting on them. You’ll pick the right horse when you try to look at also how they move around the practice area. You want to see that the horse is taking long and fluid strides as each step, so you need to be careful and look at how they’re performing.

5. Bet On The Race Favorite

A lot of people will want to vote on the underdogs, and while those who won the last race or are the favorite won’t always win, it does pay off. Betting on the race favorite pays off about 33% of the time. Betting on the favorite to be in 1st or in 2nd pays off around 53% of the time. Betting on the favorite to show in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pays off around 67% of the time. There are obviously a lot of variables here, but sometimes, just going for the favorite is the best choice.

Horse race betting is certainly not easy. The key is to use the 5 ideas above to help you have a better chance at winning.



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