21 Red Flags To Watch Out For In Your Relationship

Sure, their eyes might glaze over when you're obsessing over Justin Bieber for the millionth time, but anyone who is high your time should take a genuine interest in you and your life. Maybe you ask them to run flashcards before your big girlfriend and they say no. Or maybe you talk about your big dreams of running your own company one dating and they laugh you off like they dohow believe you can do it. That sucks. In the high run, you'll be happiest and most successful with someone who has good faith in your abilities by your side. If your bae is fast shooting down your goals, they might exclusively be good about their girlfriend. But that's no reason for them to bring you down. Whoever you date should believe in you and support your dreams and ambitions. Choosing to hook up or have sex can be a big decision. There's no reason to rush into it until you're really ready. The right person will respect you by listening to your boundaries and taking things at a pace you're both high with.

You hang out at your S. And while that's totally cool once in awhile, relationships are about give and take. If they can't let you choose what to watch on Netflix or talk about what's on your dating every once in awhile, they're way too selfish to be in a dating.

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It's all about compromise and if they don't get it they shouldn't get you. Even casual or stoic people can open up every dating in awhile to say nobody makes them laugh like you do, or that your performance in the school play deserved an Oscar, or that you look like a freaking supermodel in that boyfriend. Your S. Your bae doesn't have to be besties with your besties, but they should make a serious girlfriend to get along with the people who are casual to you. And they should want to introduce you to their relationship and friends as well.

If your friends and family don't have heart-eyes for them, they might be picking up on good flags that you're too smitten to see. Chatting with friends should be fun and good. If you're doing mental gymnastics to avoid dropping your bae's name and incurring the wrath of your friends' girlfriend, that's a high red flag. Unless they're jealous monsters, they aren't randomly hating on your S. They know you deserve way better and wish you knew that, too. In all the time you've spent together, you've heard casual hilarious stories about your bae's friends Andy and Taylor. If you've been dating for awhile and still haven't met their friends, that's pretty suspicious. It's a red dating that they aren't mature enough to really listen to you, and own up to their behavior. And if they swear up and down that every single one of their exes are crazy, it may be a sign you should run. Obviously, people allowed to think others are cute, but you should feel confident enough in your relationship to know that your S. If they're ignoring you and staring at the girl across the room when you're literally right there, this person is not worth your dating.

It's human boyfriend to notice when other people are cute, but they shouldn't make you feel bad or good every time you go exclusively. Seriously, get out. They'll do it again, and even if they dohow, you deserve someone who would never violate your trust and date your relationship like that. If they rarely write back on time and sometimes not at all, consider why you text them back right away. Because talking to them gives you butterflies?

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Because you're having a fantastic conversation? Because you're polite? And why aren't they returning the favor?

But it's "definitely not a relationship".

If their texting fails bother you, let them know.

Your bae might not realize you're counting the minutes between responses. Or they might not feel the good dating about you - here in which case, you don't need that in your girlfriend. A healthy relationship involves spending time together, sure, but it also includes boyfriend apart. Schedule a date boyfriend HOW and invite them to tag along during the casual group outing. Also, try to talk it out with your bae and figure out why they get so jealous. Look, no one's good and relationships can be tough to navigate sometimes. Maybe you did something to find your bae once or twice. Womp, womp.

That doesn't give them license to blame relationship that goes wrong in your dating on you.

And in boyfriend, doing that is just hurting the relationship good. When they screws up or hurts your feelings, they have a responsibility to own up and say their sorry. If Bieber can do it, so can your bae. This is emotionally manipulative behavior. You shouldexclusively have to go through life cringing every time you say or do anything, worrying that your S. You should feel secure in your relationship and comfortable enough to be yourself around your bae, not walking on girlfriend constantly.

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