29/9/20 ESL Pro League Season 12 – Predictions & Betting Tips

There are four matches on Tuesday and all of them look to be exciting match ups. ESL fans, keep reading to know about all the teams, previous match results and match insights.

ESL Pro League 12 – 2020 on Tuesday 29 September

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29/9/20 ESL Pro League Season 12 Tips


Renegades vs. ORDER

The first match of the day is between #41 world ranking team Renegades, and #64 world ranking team ORDER. Looking back at the matches Renegades participated in ESL ANZ Season 11, they won four of the six matches. They also made it to the finals against ORDER, but failed to take home the title. The final scores of that match are below with Renegades going down 1 – 2.

  • Map 1 – Inferno: Renegades – 13 and ORDER – 16
  • Map 2 – Vertigo: Renegades – 16 and ORDER – 10
  • Map 3 – Nuke: Renegades – 12 and ORDER – 16

Renegades have spoken a lot about their β€œstrong mentality” when talking it up prior to the final, and in reflection conceded complacency played a big part in their defeat.

ORDER won only one of the three matches they took part in at the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Oceania. Two were against Avant Garde, and one was against Renegades. Here are the scores of ORDER’s DreamHack Group Stage against Renegades on the 9th of August:

  • Map 1 – Mirage: ORDER – 10 and Renegades – 16
  • Map 2 – Vertigo: ORDER – 17 and Renegades – 19

This season of ESL Pro League 12, Renegades have only played one match which they won against Chiefs CSGO whereas ORDER has played five matches and are currently undefeated in the tournament.  

Looking here for Renegades for the win!

Betting Tip  – Renegades to have first Kill @ $1.69   Bet @ Picklebet

Tyloo vs. ViCi Gaming

Of ESL One Cologne – Asia, Tyloo won all three matches they played in. Two were against Vici Gaming and the other was against Beyond Esports. Vici and Tyloo, both made it to the final of the tournament. The  scores are that of the final are below:

  • Map 1 – Vertigo: Tyloo – 16 and Vici – 0
  • Map 2 – Inferno: Tyloo – 3 and Vici – 16
  • Map 3 – Mirage: Tyloo – 16 and Vici – 2
  • Map 4: Tyloo – 16 and Vici – 13

Tyloo won a $10,000 for the victory. With player β€œsummer” maintaining the closest β€œconstant” rate throughout the match.

Moving towards Vici Gaming, they participated in four matches of ESL One: Road to Rio – Asia, and won three of them. They battled against Beyond Esports, TIGER, Tyloo, and Lucid Dream. The match against Tyloo was the semi-final, which they lost.

  • Map 1 – Inferno: Tyloo – 11 and Vici – 16
  • Map 2 – Vertigo: Tyloo – 16 and Vici – 4
  • Map 3 – Train: Tyloo – 9 and Vici – 16

Tyloo has won all four of the group stages they have participated in of the ESL Pro League 12 and Vici has won three of the five group stages they have taken part in yet.

With Tyloo currently is a strong winning form we thing they will be hard to beat.

Betting Tip – Tyloo to win 2 – 0 @ $2.75  Bet @ Picklebet

Na’ Vi vs. Mouz

Natus Vincere, or more commonly known as Na’ Vi, have participated in six matches of the IEM Katowice 2020, and have won five of them, including the final. The scores of the final match against G2 Esports are the following:

  • Map 1 – Nuke: Na’ Vi – 16 and G2 Esports – 4
  • Map 2 – Dust II: Na’ Vi – 16 and G2 Esports – 13
  • Map 3 – Mirage: Na’ Vi – 16 and G2 Esports – 2

With player β€œS1mple” maintaining an almost perfect rate throughout the match, the #6 world ranking team Na’ Vi was able to secure a win against G2 Esports.

Mouz, also known as Mousesports, participate in two matches of the ESL One Cologne – Europe and lost both. One of the group stages they participated in was against Na’ Vi. The following are the scores of that match held on the 19th of August:

  • Map 1 – Nuke: Na’Vi – 10 and Mouz – 16
  • Map 2 – Train: Na’Vi – 16 and Mouz – 9
  • Map 3 – Dust II: Na’Vi – 16 and Mouz – 7

Na’ Vi has taken part in five group stages of the ESL Pro League 12 and has spectacularly won all of them while Mouz has only won two of the five group stages.

The stats don’t lie and we believe the IEM Katowice 2020 Champions Na’ Vi will win this match.

Betting Tip – Na’Vi -1.5 Map Handicap @ $2.23  Bet @ Pic klebet

compLexity vs. ENCE

#7 world ranking team complexity participated in three matches of the ESL One Cologne – Europe and won two of them. One against Na’ Vi, one against MAD Lions, and one against Heroic, who they lost against in the quarter-final held on the 27th of August. The results of that match are as follow:

  • Map 1 – Inferno: Heroic – 16 and Complexity – 11
  • Map 2 – Nuke: Heroic – 16 and Complexity – 13

Player niko made a 1vs5 clutch attempt which was then denied by CT to keep team complexity in the match.

DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe was a tournament in which ENCE eSports played three matches and lost two of them. One match was against Ninjas In Pyjamas, one against Vitality, and one against Na’Vi. The match that they won against Na’ Vi brought the following scores:

  • Map 1 – Train: Na’ Vi – 12 and ENCE – 16
  • Map 2 – Dust II: Na’ Vi – 14 and ENCE – 16

ENCE removed the maps Inferno and Vertigo, and picked Train, while Na’ Vi removed Nuke and Mirage, and picked Dust II. Overpass was left-over.

ENCE has participated five group stages yet of the ESL Pro League 12 and has won two of them, whereas complexity has won three of the five they have participated in.

We think the worlds #7 team Complexity will take this one out 2 – 1

Betting Tip – Complexity to Win 2-1 @ $4.30 Bet @ Picklebet

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