30/9/20 ESL Pro League Season 12 – Predictions & Betting Tips

That’s right, two more matches! Your favorite tournament is back with two more matches, between four teams, all amazingly talented. Read on to find out about all the latest stats, highlights, and more!

ESL Pro League 12 – 2020 on Tuesday 30 September

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30/9/20 ESL Pro League Season 12 Tips


BIG vs. Team Spirit

The match held at midnight is between #4 world ranking Team BIG and #17 world ranking Team Spirit. DreamHack Open Summer 2020: Europe was the tournament where BIG participated in four matches and eventually won the final match against Team Heroic. The scores of that match are the following:

  • Map 1 – Overpass: BIG – 16 and Heroic – 11
  • Map 2 – Inferno: BIG – 16 and Heroic – 12

BIG removed the maps Train and Vertigo, and picked Overpass, while Heroic removed Mirage and Dust II, and picked Inferno. Nuke was left-over. It honestly wasn’t a surprise that Heroic removed Dust II because is the map where BIG is best, being reported at a rate of 84.6% in the last three months.

With player β€œk1to” managing ACE with Dual Elites in the pistol round at the Inferno, BIG was able to secure a superb win.

Team BIG has secured three wins out of five matches of the ESL Pro League 12 – 2020 up till now. They won matches against GODSENT, ENCE, and G2 Esports; and lost matches against Heroic and Na’ Vi.

Moving towards some statistics of Team Spirit, they participated in six matches of the ESL One: Road to Rio – CIS and won all of them including the final. The scores of the final game are as follow:

  • Map 1 – Dust II: Team Spirit – 16 and Winstrik1e – 13
  • Map 2 – Nuke: Team Spirit – 16 and Winstrike – 11

Winstrike removed Inferno, where Team Spirit has shown a win rate of 66.7% over the last three months, and Overpass, and picked Dust II; while Team Spirit removed Vertigo and Mirage, and picked Nuke. The map Train was left-over.

In the first map, player β€œmir” from Team Spirit achieved 3 quick AK kills on bombsite B defense after a rival ran past him in a β€œfading smoke”.

Team spirit has also won three of the five group stages they have participated in of the ESL Pro League 12 – 2020. They won against Ninjas In Pyjamas, FaZe Clan, and Mouz; and lost against Astralis and compLexity.

With Team BIG ranking at #4, and Team Spirit ranking at #17, we are of course going to be rooting for Team BIG to win the match against Team Spirit on Wednesday. Besides, Team BIG has shown a win rate of 73.7% in the last three months whereas Team Spirit has shown that of 68.4%.

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TAstralis vs. Heroic

In the ESL One Cologne 2020 – Europe tournament, Astralis participated in three matches including the quarter-final which they lost despite winning both the earlier group stages. Here are the scores of the quarter-final:

  • Map 1 – Train: Astralis – 10 and Ninjas In Pyjamas – 16
  • Map 2 – Inferno: Astralis – 13 and Ninjas In Pyjamas – 16

With Astralis player β€œdupreeh” achieving a handful of kills, and the 1v3 clutch in the T-post plant situation in map 2, the team was not fortunate enough to win against #12 world ranking team Ninjas In Pyjamas.

However, Team Astralis has magnificently shown a result of 100.0% win rates for both maps: Nuke and Overpass over the last three months.

Of the ESL Pro League 12 – 2020, Astralis has participated in group stages yet and has won every single one of them. the matches were against Vitality, Mouz, Team Spirit, Ninjas In Pyjamas, and Fnatic.

Moving towards Heroic, they participated in six matches of the ESL One Cologne 2020 – Europe. They weren’t able to win their second group stage of this tournament but they did prove themselves in the later matches; leading them to eventually win the final against Vitality with flying colors.

The following are the scores of the final that took place on the 30th of August:

  • Map 1 – Mirage: Heroic – 16 and Vitality – 7
  • Map 2 – Inferno: Heroic – 16 and Vitality – 13
  • Map 3 – Nuke: Heroic – 16 and Vitality – 9

Heroic picked Mirage and Nuke and removed Dust II; while Vitality picked Inferno and Overpass, and removed Train. The map Vertigo was left-over.

Heroic’s best performance has proven to be on the map Nuke, at a win rate of 73.3% over the last three months.

As for the ESL Pro League 12 – 2020, Heroic has taken part in five matches and has won four of them. They won the ones against OG, GODSENT, G2 Esports, and BIG. Heroic lost the match against Na’ Vi at the group stage held on the 17th of September.

The competition seems to be extremely close, and will surely have all of standing on our toes the entire time, but our support is reserved for Team Astralis with the win rate of 80.0%.

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