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miRunners Review

A revolutionary racehorse ownership venture, miRunners has taken the Australian horse racing industry by storm.

You might have heard about miRunners over the last few years, but you’re still ensure what exactly it means. We look at what makes miRunners a successful and enjoyable way to own a horse.

What is miRunners?

miRunners makes ownership of a racehorse extremely affordable and easy.

It brings Australian racing fans together and gives people who wouldn’t normally be able to buy a horse the chance to enjoy the thrills of winning.

Owning a thoroughbred is an expensive undertaking. Not only do you have to purchase the horse, but annual costs range from $15,000 to $25,000.

That’s where miRunners comes into play. It allows you to have a share in a racehorse for minimal costs, and you get all the benefits of being an owner.

How does miRunners work?

Sounds good right? Let’s look at how miRunners does business.

They buy a premium racehorse and the purchase cost is split into 1,000 units. For example, if a horse costs $100,000, one unit would be available for $100.

The horse is matched up with a quality trainer in Australia and if the horse wins, the prizemoney is divided into 1,000 units.

There is no cut taken from miRunners for prizemoney won, which means the ownership group splits any money won throughout its career.

How much does miRunners cost?

Apart from the purchase of the racehorse, miRunners charges a monthly fee of $11 and an additional $5 for insurance, food, and training fees.

It’s a small amount to pay for a share in a horse, but it does amount of $16,000 a month for the entire ownership group. However, it’s the individual costs that count and it’s low.

What do I get as a miRunners owner?

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 unit or 50, you’re given the same ownership experience.

Some of the benefits of being a miRunners owner includes:

  • Emailed updates on your horses’ progression
  • Pro-rata share in prize money won
  • Pro-rate share in sales proceeds at end of career
  • Opportunities to meet your horse and trainer
  • Private area on race day
  • Certificate of ownership

It doesn’t matter where your horse is racing, a dedicated miRunners area is waiting for you.

A number of member and mounting yard tickets are also available, which is decided by a ballot.

Current miRunners Stable

Here are the horses currently stabled with miRunners.

  • Zoushack (Lindsay Park)
  • Not a Royal Doubt (Waterhouse/Bott)
  • Bellarine Beauty (Malua Racing)
  • Lyrical Girl (Gollan Racing)
  • Shezawitness (Mick Price)
  • Dusty Tycoon (Robert Heathcote)
  • Gaelic Puzzle (Bjorn Baker)

There are also numerous unsold juveniles waiting for new owners.

miRunners FAQ

Q: What happens when my horse wins money? Do I get paid?

A: Your prizemoney is paid out on a quarterly basis and you are emailed details to confirm.

Q: What is a unit?

A: A unit is a share of a racehorse. Every runner is divided into 1,000 units, which equates to 0.1%.

Q: Who names the horse?

A: The owners for each horse vote when it comes to naming a horse.

Q: When can I see my horse?

A: The team at miRunners organises events and open days where you can see your horse. Because of the number of owners involved in one horse, every owner being permitted to the trainers’ stables isn’t possible.

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