NFL Week 1, 2018-19 – Expert Betting Tips & Odds

The new NFL season kicks off this Friday morning when the defending champions the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the Atlanta Falcons.

There are plenty of headlines going into this season including off-season signings, the end of ‘Legion of Boom’ and the return of superstars such as Odell Beckham Jr. We are keen to see how these changes will affect the results of games and if they will, by how much? The fact is that the first week promises to be entertaining and it will be a treat.

NFL fans will be treated to 16 games in this first week alone, with Sunday having a whopping 13 games. If you have been waiting those seven months to get back into betting for your favourite teams, then you are in luck as the seven-month drought is almost over.

We have you covered with our predictions of the games and betting tips for each week 1 game of the 2018-19 NFL season!

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Friday 07/09/18

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles at 10:20 am

The Eagles are the Super Bowl LII Champions and they will host the Falcons at the Lincoln Financial Field. This is going to be an exciting matchup and different analysts see this game going different ways. Despite being the champions, the fact that Wentz and Jeffrey are out for this game is what puts the doubt in what should be a clear win for the Eagles.

Betting tip: Philadelphia Eagles -2 (BET NOW)

Monday 10/09/18

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints at 3:00am

This will be a recap of their last regular season game and this time, some things have changed. The Saints are missing Mark Ingram who had the most rushing yards and touchdowns last season. The Buccaneers are missing Jameis Winston who has been very instrumental for them. The Saints are likely to win this matchup because they have more firepower.

Betting tip: New Orleans Saints -9.5 (BET NOW)

San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings at 3:00am

If the last season taught us anything, it is that the 49ers are seeming completely dependent on Jimmy Garoppolo for offense.  They are disadvantaged without RB Jerick McKinnon who is out with a torn ACL. The Vikings on the other hand, have things going well for them with new signings and could be serious contenders this season.

Betting tip: Minnesota Vikings -6.5 (BET NOW)

Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens at 3:00am

The Ravens are clear favourites to win this one and it does not come as a surprise. This is despite Joe Flacco clearly not playing at his peak. However, he had a good run in the preseason. The Bills have a young defence and still need some time to matchup to the Ravens.

Betting tip: Baltimore Ravens -7.5 (BET NOW)

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants at 3:00am

It is expected that the Jaguars will continue to play well – probably not at the same standard as last season but pretty okay. Odell Beckham Jr. returns for the Giants and they have 2nd pick, Saquon Barkley making his debut. It will be a very close matchup.

Betting tip: Jacksonville Jaguars -3 (BET NOW)

Houston Texans at New England Patriots at 3:00am

The Texans could likely be in the playoffs this year and things are looking up for them. The key to winning would be trying to stop Brady which is not quite easy. The Patriots will be missing Julian Edelman and Cooks. Despite this, Brady is expected to deliver and lead the Patriots to a win.

Betting tip: New England Patriots -6.5 (BET NOW)

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins at 3:00am

This will be an interesting matchup. The Titans have significantly better rushing defence than the Dolphins and it might all come down to this. The final score could be close but analysts and experts see this game going to the Titans.

Betting tip: Tennessee Titans -1.5 (BET NOW)

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts at 3:00am

This seasons, Bengal fans are hoping that their team gets to the playoff this year. Their offense is led by Dalton and Green and they look to be better than last year. For the Colts, star QB Luck is set to return to their starting line-up and he could as well be the reason that they are favoured to win this matchup.

Betting tip: Indianapolis Colts -3 (BET NOW)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns at 3:00am

For the Browns who finished 0-16, the only way for them to go is up. However, they are unlikely to overcome the Steelers who are looking to better their performance. The Steelers are loaded with Juju Smith-Schuster, Le’Veon Bell Cameron Heyward and Antonio Brown. This talent gap is enough to overcome the Browns who are hoping to gain some footing this season.

Betting tip: Pittsburgh Steelers -4 (BET NOW)

Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers at 6:05am

The Chargers are hyped coming into the season and great things are expected from them after just missing the playoffs last season. Like their NBA companions, the Lakers, they are predicted to make the playoffs this year. The Chiefs, however, swept the Chargers last season. The Chargers could be in a better spot this year and the might win.

Betting tip: L.A. Chargers -3 (BET NOW)

Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals at 6:25am

Another very close matchup could be in the form of Redskins vs. Cardinals. For the Cardinals, David Johnson is expected to play, coming from a torn ACL injury. The Redskins as well acquired a new quarterback – two in fact. Washington are expected to have fewer turnovers than they did last season but that might still not be enough.

Betting tip: Arizona Cardinals -1.5 (BET NOW)

Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos at 6:25am

Five years ago these two teams faced one another in the Super Bowl and the Seahawks annihilated the Broncos 43-8. Going into this season, both teams are looking to get back into their playoffs and this game could be a good test. The Seahawks will have to be keen on defence to come out with a win here.

Betting tip: Denver Broncos -3 (BET NOW)

Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers at 6:25am

Out of their last 6 season openers, the Cowboys have been successful in 4 of them. They are well equipped at the offense and Ezekiel Elliot is an outstanding running back. The Panthers have had a more successful last couple of years making the playoffs in 4 out of a possible five times. The Panthers are expected to come out with a win.

Betting tip: Carolina Panthers -3 (BET NOW)

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers at 10:20am

The Packers are almost a lock to win this matchup and it is clear to see why. The Bears are promising but on paper, that does not seem to be enough to turn the tide. Aaron Rodgers, who is the top pick for MVP, is back for the Packers and he is a huge force.

Betting tip: Green Bay Packers -7.5 (BET NOW)

Tuesday 07/09/18

New York Jets at Detroit Lions at 9:10am

The Detroit Lions, being in the very competitive NFC North, cannot afford to lose this game. Matthew Stafford looks to provide for them as he did last season. The Jets and especially Sam Darnold need to reduce their turnovers to be competitive.

Betting tip: Detroit Lions -6.5 (BET NOW)

Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders at 12:20pm

Both of this teams went all out in the off-season and it seems that the Rams could be in a better place. However, how their new players will fit in is still a mystery. The Rams have Marshawn Lynch as their RB despite losing Mack. The Rams are huge favourites.

Betting tip: L.A. Rams -4 (BET NOW)

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