The new NFL season kicks off this Friday morning when the defending champions New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

There’s always plenty of intrigue in the early rounds to see how well the rookies perform and to see if the star players from last season weren’t just one-hit wonders.

Despite there being a whopping 16 games for punters to bet into this week, no game features a points-spread line bigger than 9, which should ensure some closely fought contests where teams from both divisions will be looking to establish some early dominance.

With major games scheduled for Friday, Monday and Tuesday afternoon this season, punters will get to see the best teams in action and also get the best odds with our bookmakers.

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Thursday 08/09/17

10:30am New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs @Foxboro

The points-spread line of 9 is the highest on the week one board across the NFL and it’s not hard to see why.

The Patriots will be playing in front of a big home crowd and many have predicted that the Patriots could go unbeaten throughout the regular season.

That will depend on the health of star quarterback Tom Brady, who has stayed relatively injury free his entire lengthy career. Brady, despite being drafted poorly out of college, has transformed into the modern day QB and it doesn’t matter what receiver he throws to.

The Patriots might not have the complete team and Kansas City does have a stout defense, but the Patriots will want to signal its intentions early in the season.

Betting tip: Patriots –8.5 @ $1.91 – (BET NOW)

Patriots by 12

Monday 11/09/2017

3:00am Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets @ New Era Field

There were good signs from the Bills last season and that should transfer through to the new season which starts early on Sunday morning.

Many critics are expecting both teams to struggle this season and that could well be true, but no team will likely struggle more than the New York Jets.

Coach Todd Bowles is the current favourite to be fired first this season and it’s bound to happen sooner or later. His players don’t seem to understand his game plan and there are no superstars in the team.

The Bills have some promise, but without either team offering much in offense, we’ll stick with the under/over option for this game.

Betting tip: Under 39.5 points @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Bills by 4

3:00am Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons @ Soldier Field

It’s really tough to make a case for the Chicago Bears after another dismal season, but getting rid of quarterback Jake Cutler might give them some hope.

Mike Glennon has been tipped to start in the pivitol position with Mitchell Trubisky his understudy, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the younger Trubisky introduced into the game early.

Especially when they’re coming up against Matt “Ice” Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons choked in the Super Bowl last season, but what better why the silence critics than to come out with a win in week one?

The Falcons are guaranteed offense and it’s going to be tough for the offensively-stunted Bears to keep up.

Unless it’s a snow storm in Chicago, the Falcons should run away with it.

Betting tip: Falcons –7 @ $2.05 (BET NOW)

Falcons by 14

3:00am Cincinatti Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens @ Paul Brown Stadium

This should be one of closest games of the round as both teams struggle to score touchdowns.

The Bengals and Ravens typically go up in threes with field goals, but we feel as though the Bengals have more to offer in the offensive department this season.

They picked up a couple of steady first round draft picks and if it wasn’t for their post-season antics, they might have had a recent Super Bowl win – much like the Ravens.

The Ravens are trending downward in our opinion and playing its first game away from home won’t help.

Betting tip: Bengals @ $1.64 (BET NOW)

Bengals by 6

3:00am Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers @ FirstEnergy Stadium

Is there a more problematic team in the NFL than the Cleveland Browns? The simple answer is no and even the more loyal fan would be getting frustrated.

The once-proud franchise has had nothing to cheer about for years, especially with the “Johnny Football” saga and we don’t think it’s about to change any time soon.

Facing the gritty Steelers first up is a nightmare for the Browns, which would have preferred to play a more offensive-minded club, but the Steelers bring the pass rush and the QB could be under some pressure.

Signing defensive end Myles Garrett out of Texas A&M will help, but that was a college which leaked points and despite a good pre-season record, this game should be an easy win for Big Ben and the Steelers.

Betting tip: Steelers 1-13 @ $2.08 (BET NOW)

Steelers by 12

3.00am Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals @ Ford Field

The Cardinals are currently the away favourites in this matchup, but there’s value with the home side.

They didn’t look overly bad in the pre-season games and the Lions have always been a team pushing for that late playoff burst.

They might not have Megatron anymore after the big wide receiver retired early, but quality quarterback Matt Stafford can still throw to the likes of Golden Tate and rookie Kenny Golladay.

The strength comes at the running back position with Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick, but overall the Lions have a solid team which will hang around the 8-8 mark at the end of the season.

The Cardinals will start its season with two consecutive away games, but we can see its first win coming in week two against the Colts.

Betting tip: Lions @ $2.07 (BET NOW)

Lions by 1

3.00am Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars @ NRG Stadium

The Texans haven’t had the best offseason to remember, but there’s still plenty to like about the outfit this season.

Signing Clemson QB Deshaun Watson should be a blessing in disguise for the southern-based side which has been able to recruit well after the Brock Osweiler deal.

With the current storms in the Houston area, the game is expected to be played at the NRG Stadium and that will only spur on the local fans.

The Jaguars shouldn’t be underrated and they’re a team that is building nicely for the future. They are stable at the quarterback position and securing top running back Leonard Fournette makes them a big running threat.

Fournette is a trouble maker, but he’s a beast on the field and he could make the difference all season for the Florida-based franchise.

This is a tough one, but the spark resides with the visitors.

Betting tip: Jaguars @ $3.05 (BET NOW)

Jaguars by 7

3.00am Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Hard Rock Stadium

The Buccaneers should be in for a good season based on what we saw earlier this year.

There are many punters that believe they could be a smokey bet for the title and we think they could certainly do some damage in the market.

They look solid in most positions and quarterback Jameis Winston has had enough time to adapt to the professional lifestyle of the NFL.

Jacquizz Rodgers at running back, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin at wide receiver – it all looks likely that the Buccaneers will make an impactful start to the season and the Dolphins don’t exactly excude confidence on the field.

Betting tip: Buccaneers @ $1.70 (BET NOW)

Buccaneers by 13

3.00am Tennessee Titans vs. Oakland Raiders @ Nissan Stadium

There is hype surrounding both teams, but hype can only take a team so far.

The Titans host a dangerous Oakland side which is trying to bring the rough and rumble-style play back into their games from the 80’s.

With a quality quarterback in Derek Carr and a stout defensive line, the Oakland Raiders could make a run for the playoffs, but there’s always a big “BUT” with the Raiders.

Its discipline is horrible and can often cost them games. The Titans, on the other hand, seemingly go about its business with a good mix of youth and experience.

More is expected from former Oregon QB star Marcus Mariota and the third-year player should be in for a good season.

This is a tough one to call, but we’ll lean towards the home side.

Betting tip: Titans –1.5 @ $2 (BET NOW)

Titans by 3

3.00am Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles @ FedEx Field

The Redskins have all the ability to compete in the playoffs and punters are getting great odds for the home side.

The Redskins are currently –1 underdogs to handle the Eagles, which do boast a good team, but often take a few games to hit their top gear.

Having locked in Kirk Cousins who had a great 2016/2017 year, the Redskins should have a solid enough base to continue their good season and handle the Eagles in week one.

Betting tip: Redskins @ $1.99 (BET NOW)

Redskins by 8

6.05am L.A. Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts @ Los Angeles Memorial Stadium

The Colts are in a predicament and it’s something that has bugged them over the last few seasons.

The health of quarterback Andrew Luck has plagued this team for years now, but with the former Stanford Cardinal out of the lineup, former New England understudy Jacoby Brissett is set to fill in.

Brissett looked good for the Patriots in the absence of Tom Brady in the opening four games last season, but this is another kettle of fish. He will need to learn an intricate playbook which is tailored for Luck in a short amount of time.

Despite the Rams not being the greatest team in the league – not even close, QB Jared Goff looks to have some confidence back and there’s plenty to like across the board.

This won’t be the most exciting game on the board, but there is value with the home side.

Betting tip: Rams –3.5 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Rams by 7

6:25am Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks @ Lambeau Field

One of the games of the round sees the Packers vs. The Seahawks.

The Packers are the field goal favourites to beat the tough Seattle Seahawks, but we think the bookmakers might have got the market slightly off.

We think the Packers are at least 10-point favourites against the Seahawks which never play as well away from home as they do in Seattle.

The Packers have one big weapon and that’s Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is a one-of-a-kind QB that can take the game into his own hands.

Both teams possess great talent across the board and it promises to be one of the best games of the round and possibly the year, but we’re sticking with the Cheese Heads.

Betting tip: Packers @ $1.60 (BET NOW)

Packers by 12

6:25am San Fransisco 49ers vs. Carolina Panthers @ Levi’s Stadium

We think the Carolina Panthers are one of the title contenders this season and this should be an easy first round win for them.

The Panthers have QB Cam Newton, who did come under scrutiny last season, but the addition of Stanford running back Christian McCaffery will eleviate the running pressure from Newton.

Newton will be able to focus on passing to one of his many high-profile targets and we think McCaffery could win the running back title this season, if not Rookie of the Year.

It’s a fun time to be a Panthers fan and a first round win should be on the cards.

Betting tip: Panthers 14+ @ $4 (BET NOW)

Panthers by 18

10:30am Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants @ AT&T Stadium

Punters will see the –4 for the Cowboys and likely jump all over that price, but there’s some things to note before doing so.

The Cowboys are without running back Ezekiel Elliott due to suspension, but the Giants could be missing Odell Beckham Jr after he suffered an ankle injury in pre-season.

Brandon Marshall is also under an injury cloud, but with two-time Super Bowl-winning QB Eli Manning at the helm, the Giants are capable of the upset.

This is a close call, but we’ll favour the Cowboys in the head-to-head market.

Betting tip: Cowboys @ $1.55 (BET NOW)

Cowboys by 3

Tuesday 12/09/17

9:00am Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints @ U.S. Bank Stadium

The Saints have a team which is capable of scoring over 40 points per game, but that defense is shocking and the Vikings should take advantage.

The Vikings welcome back Teddy Bridgewater from injury, but Sam Bradford is also in the picture and will likely start as the week one QB.

With a good stack of talent at the running back and wide receiver positions, the Vikings could get off to a winning start and stifle the Saints offense.

The Saints will score points this season, but it usually needs time to warm up and facing a brisk Vikings team might not be the best place for them.

Betting tip: Vikings –3.5 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Vikings by 10

12:20pm Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers @ SPA Field

The Broncos don’t have much in the way of the quarterback position which is a big concern this season, but they do have depth at the running back position to cover.

Coming up against the Chargers won’t be an easy task and the experience that Philip Rivers brings is a great asset to the team.

The Chargers are better playing at home in the cooler conditions on the coast, but they have the more well-rounded team and could pull off the upset on Tuesday in front of a big Denver crowd – which might be shocked at how poorly their team performs this season.

Betting tip: Chargers @ $2.47 (BET NOW)

Chargers by 4

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