NFL Week 12, 2018-19 – Expert Betting Tips & Odds

It’s Thanksgiving week in the NFL, which means punters are treated to three games this Friday.

The Vikings and the Lions kick things off at the early start time of 4:30am, but there’s action all throughout the day and we still have some exciting Monday and Tuesday games available to bet on this week.

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Friday 24/11/17

4:30am Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are on a serious roll in the NFL and although they have to play another game away from home, they look the team to beat here.

The Lions don’t often play well on Thanksgiving Day and seeing as they have a losing record at home this season (2-3), we can’t see them mustering enough to win on this occasion.

Stick with the form team.

Betting tip: Vikings -3 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Vikings by 10

8:30am Dallas Cowboys vs. L.A. Chargers

We feared for what would happen to the Dallas Cowboys after the suspension of Ezekiel Elliot and it didn’t take long for us to find out.

The Cowboys were smashed by the Eagles last week and the Cowboys looked flat at every position, not just at running back.

There are big concerns for “America’s team” on a national holiday and the Chargers could take advantage after a resurgence has seen them climb up the rankings.

The Chargers are surprising road favourites here which makes for an interesting market.

Betting tip: Chargers –2.5 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Chargers by 3

12:30pm Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants

The Redskins blew a big lead over the New Orleans Saints last week and just how they recover from that pivotal loss is going to be the big question.

On the other side of the coin, the Giants pulled off the biggest upset this season by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 12-9 in overtime.

Whether or not that win is good enough to continue the momentum this week, we’ll have to find out, but the Redskins have too much scoring power and we’re expecting an easy win.

Betting tip: Redskins –7.5 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Redskins by 12

Monday 27/11/12

5:00am Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Both these teams looked erased from the playoff race, but consecutive wins have put them back on the map.

The Falcons scored a gritty win over the Seahawks in Seattle, which isn’t easy to do. That came a week after easily beating the Cowboys and they’re trending in the right direction.

For Buccaneers’ fans, beating the Jets and Dolphins in consecutive weeks will have them feeling good, but this is another kettle of fish and we’re expecting the Falcons to score plenty of points.

Betting tip: Falcons –9.5 @ $2 (BET NOW)

Falcons by 13

5:00am Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns

We’re running out of superlatives to describe just how bad the Browns organisation is.

They are 0-10 on the season and although they’re trying to win a game, they’re just not good enough to do so.

Coming up against an improving Bengals side is going to spell trouble this week and this could be a one-sided game early in the first half.

Betting tip: Bengals -8 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Bengals by 16

5:00am Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennesse Titans

The Titans looked like a playoff-ready team after winning four consecutive game, but a 40-17 loss to the Steelers has put them on the back foot.

Life should be made easier this week as they prepare to face the 3-7 Colts, which managed to lose by only three points to the Steelers last week.

That inspired performance was damped by the fact that they should have won, but it should give home fans something to be excited about.

Betting tip: Titans -3 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Titans by 6

5:00am Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills

My oh my, haven’t the wheels fallen off both of these teams.

The Chiefs firmed into Super Bowl favourites after its 5-0 start, but losing four of their past five games has shown the cracks in the armour.

The same goes for the Bills, which have lost three on the trot and they have been heavy defeats. Not able to cope with expectations, the Bills have given up 101 points in their last two games and we’re expecting the Chiefs to exploit that horrible defence.

Betting tip: Chiefs –10 @ $1.89 (BET NOW)

Chiefs by 14

5:00am New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins

Patriots coach Bill Belichick said they were tired after travelling to Mexico last week and that could have them vulnerable this week.

Most punters are expecting the 8-2 Patriots to be far too good for the Dolphins this week, but that fatigue could put them on the back foot.

The current points start line of 16 isn’t easy for any team to cover and despite the Dolphins being an average team, they could hang with the Patriots.

Betting tip: Dolphins +16 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Patriots by 10

5:00am New York Jets vs. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are starting to look like the Super Bowl team we thought they would be at the start of the season.

After three consecutive wins, the Panthers enter enemy territory this week to face the inconsistent New York Jets, which are 4-6 on the season.

A win against the Bills two weeks ago looked impressive at the time, but given the form of the Bills it might not have been great.

A recent loss to the Buccs’ all but eliminated them from the playoffs and the Panthers should take advantage.

Betting tip: Panthers –4.5 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Panthers by 10

5:00am Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears

This should be an easy pick for punters this week as the Eagles are simply flying at present.

An easy win over the Cowboys last week has put them firmly into Super Bowl contention at 9-1 on the season and they have been putting bad teams to sleep early.

That should happen again this week against the Bears.

Betting tip: Eagles –13.5 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Eagles by 21

8:05am San Fransisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Spirits will be high for the 49ers after scoring their first season win over the Giants two weeks ago.

The same spirits won’t be there for the Seahawks, which suffered a rare home loss to the Falcons last week.

The Seahawks have struggled to put bad teams away this season and that has punters treading carefully this week.

It could be upset time for the 49ers.

Betting tip: 49ers +6.5 @ $2 (BET NOW)

Drawn game

8:25am Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos

These two teams are just as bad as each other.

Oakland got manhandled in Mexico against the Patriots last week and there’s little to be excited about for the team that looked good last season.

The Broncos have had their fair share of injury problems, but they haven’t won away from home this season and that might not change here.

Betting tip: Raiders –5 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Raiders by 8

8:25am L.A. Rams vs. New Orleans Saints

This is going to be the best game of the week as two offense-minded teams go at it.

The Rams have been in fine form at 7-3, but will be looking to rebound after losing to the Vikings last week.

For the Saints, they were expected to easily handle the Redskins last week, but the narrow win did show some fight. They looked beaten in the fourth quarter, but the winning roll continued for the Saints.

This could either be a high-scoring game or both teams will cancel each other out. Either way, it should be a tight affair.

Betting tip: Saints +2.5 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Saints by 3

8:25am Arizona Cardinals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Cardinals are not much chop this season and we’re not sure how they will handle the brash Jaguars here.

Jacksonville have been running the ball down the throats of their opposition this season and that tactic could work well in the playoffs.

Bookmakers are giving the Cardinals only 5.5 points, but they should need more than that.

Betting tip: Jaguars -5.5 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Jaguars by 13

12:30pm Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers

The Steelers have lost only two games this season, but some punters have been quick to write them off.

They are 3-1 at home and despite almost losing to the Colts last week, they got the job done in the end.

Green Bay had reason to be excited when fill-in QB Billy Hundley scored his first NFL win of the season two weeks ago, but they quickly fell back to earth last week.

We’re expecting the Steelers to win comfortably.

Betting tip: Steelers -14 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Steelers by 16

Tuesday 28/11/17

12:30pm Baltimore Ravens vs. Houston Texans

The Texans are struggling without their star quarterback, despite beating the Cardinals last week.

Loses to the Seahawks, Colts and Rams came prior to that win and the Ravens got back to their best with a 23-0 win over the Packers.

Not the most consistent team this season, the Ravens need to earn the trust back from punters and a win this week should do that.

Betting tip: Ravens –7 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Ravens by 10

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