NFL Week 13, 2018-19 – Expert Betting Tips & Odds

Thanksgiving week provided plenty of excitement for NFL punters, but we’re already into a new round and there are some mouthwatering games in store.

Round 13 starts with divisional rivals Redskins vs. Cowboys and there are quality games on Monday, including Vikings vs. Falcons, Panthers vs. Saints and Eagles vs. Seahawks.

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Friday 1/12/17

12:25pm Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

There hasn’t been much for both teams to get excited about lately, with the Cowboys losing three straight and the Redskins losing two of their last three.

The 20-10 win over the Giants was much-needed last week, but both teams trail the Eagles in their division by five wins so making the playoffs seems unlikely.

Dallas has gone from good to bad in a hurry and they haven’t scored 10 points in their last three games.

That doesn’t bode well this week.

Betting tip: Redskins –1.5 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Redskins by 3

Monday 4/12/17

5:00am Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings

The roll of the Vikings continued after winning 30-23 on Thanksgiving Day.

They are cruising at this point in the season at 9-2, but the Falcons have started to find their winning groove also.

After going through a rough patch, the Falcons are now 7-4 on the season and are starting to look like the side which lost in the Super Bowl last year.

This will be their stiffest test in some time, but wide receiver Julio Jones looks tough to stop.

Betting tip: Falcons -3 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Falcons by 6

5:00am Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

Just when it looked as though the Bills were down and out, they go out and beat the Kansas City Chiefs 16-10 last week.

This is the same team which gave up a combined total of 135 points across three games before that win and it’s certainly got them back on track, but waiting in the wings are the Patriots.

New England haven’t been tested over the last couple of months and we’re not expecting much to change here.

40-year-old Tom Brady is showing no signs of slowing down and the Patriots offence should continue to roll.

Betting tip: Patriots –8.5 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Patriots by 13

5:00am Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco 49ers

We were happy to see the 49ers finally get on the board two weeks ago against the Giants, but the celebrations didn’t last long.

Beaten by the Seahawks last week, the 49ers will find playing the Bears easier, but can they get any usage at the quarterback position?

This will be a match-up of the rookie quarterbacks, which does make it exciting, but also tough to predict.

Betting tip: 49ers +3 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

49ers by 1

5:00am Green Bay Packers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Packers looked to have their chance against the Steelers last week, but ultimately game up short by a touchdown.

Tampa Bay also suffered a similar fate against the Falcons where they were outgunned in a quarterback battle. That loss came after two consecutive wins and this looks a good chance to score their fifth win of the season.

For the Packers, it’s about finding consistency with Hundley at the QB position, but he’s getting more game time which will only help.

Betting tip: Packers +2.5 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Packers by 3

5:00am Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

The Texans are ravaged by injury which includes a number of top offensive and defensive players and a win looks unlikely here.

They come up against a Titans side which has won four of its last five games, including a 20-16 win last week over the Colts and they should account for a team which can’t get its foot into the ground without suffering an injury.

Betting tip: Titans -6.5 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Titans by 10

5:00am Miami Dolphins vs. Denver Broncos

Neither the Broncos or the Dolphins can really be trusted this season and this could be a tough game to predict.

The Broncos are on a losing tear and will be missing one of its best defensive players after getting into a scuffle with Oakland last week.

Miami is also on a losing streak and punters need to decide which of these bad teams is worth backing this week.

This could be a rare NFL draw.

Betting tip: Dolphins +1.5 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)


5:00am New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs

What has happened to the Chiefs?

They were riding high at 5-0 on the season and now they’re barely above water at 6-5 after losing to the Bills last week.

There are some serious problems in the camp and a win against the Jets this week might save a few people their jobs. QB Alex Smith has been thrown under the bus, but his offensive line is the problem and it will need fixing.

The Jets don’t offer much and have been losing consistently, so this is a good chance for the Chiefs to right their wrongs.

Betting tip: Chiefs -3.5 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Chiefs by 10

5:00am Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts

Coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Cardinals, the Jaguars will be stinging and the Colts might get that frustration taken out on them.

Having lost their last four of five games, the Colts haven’t been impressive this season and the heavy-hitting run attack of the Jaguars should shine through.

We see this game going in only one direction.

Betting tip: Jaguars -9.5 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Jaguars by 17

5:00am Baltimore Ravens vs. Detroit Lions

The Lions continued to shoot themselves in the foot and the Thanksgiving loss to the Vikings wasn’t a pretty performance.

Finding some form at the right time are the Ravens, which have now won three of its last four games. That included a 40-0 win over the Dolphins and a 23-0 win over the Packers.

If the Ravens continue to defend like they have been recently, the Lions might struggle to score over 20 points which should see them losing this game.

Betting tip: Ravens -3 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Ravens by 6

8:05am L.A Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns

We won’t waste your time with this one.

The Chargers are charging into the playoffs with a late run this season and the Browns are simply hopeless.

Bookies have the line at 14 and that’s generous for the Browns,

Betting tip: Chargers -14 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Chargers by 21

8:25am Oakland Raiders vs. New York Giants

Despite how bad they have been this season the Raiders remain in contention – albeit marginally.

Wins over the Chiefs, Dolphins and Broncos in the last five weeks have gained the Raiders some support after looking dreadful earlier in the season.

Looking even worse are the Giants, which have controversially dropped Eli manning for this game. Manning hadn’t missed in a game in forever and it’s just going from bad to worse for the franchise.

Betting tip: Raiders 1-13 @ $2.80 (BET NOW)

Raiders by 10

8:25am New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers

This should be the game of the week as two 8-3 teams go at it.

The Saints momentum took a hit last week when losing to the Rams 20-26, but they looked good in patches and that shouldn’t affect their season.

Panthers’ fans have plenty to get excited about after improving to 8-3 following its win over the Jets. That made it four straight for the Panthers, which have the goods to go all the way this season.

Playing indoors should help both teams and this could come down to the final possession.

Betting tip: Panthers +4.5 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Panthers by 1

8:25am Arizona Cardinals vs. L.A. Rams

It was surprising to see the Cardinals win last week, but we’re predicting a loss this week.

The Rams have been one of the teams to follow this season and at 8-3, they have been profitable for punters throughout the course of the year.

The Cardinals are holding onto some hope of the playoffs, but the Rams are looking at the bigger picture.

Betting tip: Rams -7 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Rams by 14

12:30pm Seattle Seahawks vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Is it a matter of time before the Eagles suffer another loss or are we still underrating this team?

The Eagles are 10-1 on the season and look like Super Bowl contenders, but we’re predicting one more loss before the playoffs and it could come here.

Seattle has a knack of upsetting teams on their home turf and the cooling temperatures should help the home side.

It’s always dangerous going against the Seahawks as underdogs at home, so we won’t.

Betting tip: Seahawks +6.5 @ $1.89 (BET NOW)

Seahawks by 3

Tuesday 5/12/17

12:30pm Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have attracted plenty of attention this year with many critics disputing their Super Bowl credentials, but the 9-2 record defies that logic.

It might not have been pretty football to get into that position this season, but the Steelers win tough and that’s what makes them so hard to beat.

The Bengals have been fair-to-middling this season and punters are getting a good line with the better team here.

Betting tip: Steelers -5 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Steelers by 14

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