It’s the final round of the NFL regular season and some teams have everything to play for.

In a rare circumstance for the NFL, every game will be played this Monday instead of the usual Friday, Monday, Tuesday format.

This is to ensure all teams are unaware of how the other teams are going due to playoff ramifications.

It’s set to be a great round of NFL as the playoffs approach.

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Monday 1/1/18

5:00am Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers

Both teams have been eliminated from the playoffs which sours this game, which could have been a blockbuster.

Untimely losses to end the season, the Packers and the Lions are playing purely for pride here and we’re giving the edge to the Lions with the home field advantage.

Betting tip: Lions –7 @ $1.85 (BET NOW)

Lions by 10

5:00am Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

There hasn’t been much to like about either team this season and the Texans remain under stress due to injuries.

Bookmakers have favoured the Colts in a dead rubber and we’d have to agree with that. The Colts have looked decent on a few occasions this season and this should be one of them.

Betting tip: Colts –5.5 @ 1.90 (BET NOW)

Colts by 6

5:00am Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears

The Bears have been good at times this season, but the Vikings have been extraordinary.

With a home record of 6-1, it’s hard to see the Vikings slip up at a crucial stage of the season.

They’re one of the form teams of the NFL and we’re expecting a big victory heading into the playoffs.

Betting tip: Vikings –12 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Vikings by 16

5:00am New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

Patriots fans are starting to get excited about another possible Super Bowl run and the Jets are unlikely to put up much of a fight.

The Jets can produce the odd good showing, but Tom Brady and the Patriots will be gearing up to put on a show this Monday and that spells trouble for the visitors.

Another easy victory for the dominant favourites is expected.

Betting tip: Patriots –15 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Patriots by 24

5:00am New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins

Expectations were set high for both teams heading into 2017, but injuries and poor play has stifled the Giants and Redskins.

It’s tough to say which team has been better this season, with the Giants showing a late resurgence, but the Redskins have a quality quarterback and that could be enough here.

Betting tip: Redskins –3.5 @ $1.89 (BET NOW)

Redskins by 7

5:00am Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

With a perfect 7-0 at home, the Eagles look set to score another home win, but the betting line would beg to differ.

The Eagles are likely to sit their top players for this game and that has seen the line push in favour of the Cowboys, which are in a must-win situation.

Does that always translate to a victory? No, but the Cowboys should do enough.

Betting tip: Cowboys –3 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Cowboys by 7

5:00am Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

The Steelers are another team which has done enough to afford to rest their players, which could give the Browns an opportunity to win their first game of the season.

Sitting at 0-15, the Browns have been awful and winning against a depleted Steelers side might not even come to fruition.

Stick with the Steelers at home.

Betting tip: Steelers –6 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Steelers by 7

8:25am Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers

This is going to be a good game and bookies are predicting a close contest.

The Falcons have turned their form around to sit at 9-6 for the season and the Panthers have looked impressive from the outset.

Playing at home should help the Falcons, but they’re clearly inferior to the side that played in last season’s Super Bowl, so tread with caution.

Betting tip: Panthers +3.5 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Falcons by 3

8:25am Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are secured a playoff spot and punters will likely see back-up quarterback Austin Mahomes here.

Due to the long list of players missing from this game, the Broncos have been favoured to win by a field goal, but we’re smelling an upset as the younger Chiefs players will be out with a point to prove.

Betting tip: Chiefs +3.5 @ $1.91 (BET NOW)

Chiefs by 3

8:25am Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Offence should be easy to come by in this game and we’re predicting to see an exciting affair.

Jacksonville sit at 10-5 and they’re in a comfortable position, but the Titans at 8-7 have plenty to play for.

That could be enough to see them get over the line, but we wouldn’t be confident in backing either team in what should be a close game.

Betting tip: Jaguars +3.5 @ $1.92 (BET NOW)

Jaguars by 2

8:25am L.A. Rams vs. San Fransisco 49ers

The 49er are on some roll with their new quarterback and they get to face a Rams team without their stars.

That should set this game up for an exciting affair and most punters are predicting a 49ers victory. We’d have to agree as Jimmy Garrappolo is in fine form for his new team.

Betting tip: 49ers -4 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

49ers by 9

8:25am Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills

Both teams have been inconsistent this season and that has made them tough to follow.

Miami were upset winners over the Patriots, which was a quality win, but that wasn’t followed up with much.

The Bills have talent, but playing away from home has been a struggle.

Betting tip: Dolphins +3.5 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Dolphins by 3

8:25am L.A. Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders

The Chargers have come back from a poor start to the season to be at 8-7, but it won’t be good enough to make the playoffs.

Still, they’re playing well enough to handle the Oakland Raiders, which have been poor this season after promising so much last season.

Stick with the home side.

Betting tip: Chargers –7 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Chargers by 12

8:25am Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals

Seattle hasn’t been the most trustworthy team this season, but they should account for the Cardinals in this situation.

Playing in Seattle is hard on most teams, let alone those from the warm temperatures of Arizona and that will play in favour of the home side.

The Seahawks should improve to a solid 10-6 record.

Betting tip: Seahawks –8.5 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Seahawks by 14

8:25am Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints

The Saints should come marching in to Tampa Bay and put the hurt on the struggling franchise.

Led by Drew Brees, the Saints have progressed nicely this season to an 11-4 record and the Buccs’ have been anything but impressive at 4-11.

This game should go only one way.

Betting tip: Saints -6 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Saints by 10

8:25am Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals

We’re expecting the Ravens to enter the playoffs as a strong side and a win over the Bengals should ensure that.

Having played well when it counts, the Ravens look good at 9-6 on the season and although the Bengals can pull something out of the bag, the Ravens should handle them.

Betting tip: Ravens –9.5 @ $1.90 (BET NOW)

Ravens by 10

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