NFL Week 3, 2018-19 – Expert Betting Tips & Odds

Both Week 1 and 2 of the 2018-19 NFL season were tough for punters with a few teams surprising us and it’s making it hard to get an early read on how round 3 will play out. But stick with it, punters! It may take a bit longer this season, but we will start to get a good read soon – otherwise, we just enjoy watching a hard-fought season!

Teams like the Browns had scores that were not too encouraging during the beginning of the preseason, but are now back with full force, and challenging every team that comes their way.

Other teams like Vikings have been following similar trends and are heading for success. We are all hoping for the best and that they do not drop in their performance.

With all 16 games in this round, 13 to be played on Sunday alone, fans’ jaws could be dropping, but we’ve still got your back. We are here for the best predictions and highlights you can always count on.

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Friday 21/09/18

10:20am Cleveland Browns at New York Jets

The Browns at the New York Jets could be pretty tough this time. After a lot of victories recently, the Browns can either relent or step up their game because the Jets are so determined for a win after they’ve encountered a lot of difficulties earlier on. For the Jets, the Canadian, Nathan Shepherd is one to behold and with the best efforts from the rest of the team bring back their lost glory.

Betting tip: Browns -3 (BET NOW)

Monday 24/09/18

3:00am Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills

The Vikings have been charging with full force in their previous matches and are programmed for a win, but nevertheless, the Buffalo Bills are not taking this hand down. They could mysteriously rise up like the mythological phoenix out of their ashes. They have been successful in seven of their last ten home games. Harrison Phillips should give them the needed push to even their odds.

Betting tip: Buffalo Bills +17 (BET NOW)

3:00am Houston Texas at New York Giants

It’s going to be a tough one for this duo. The Giants have Lorenzo Carter who does his best at passing. With more development, He could maximize his potentials to bring the Giants their victory. The Texans also have Justin Reid & Martinas Rankin, well rounded and for maximum coverage. Will B.J Hill be the other strong point for the Giants? For now, we can only hope for the best.

Betting tip: Texans -6 (BET NOW)

3:00am Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers

Although the Packers have encountered losses in their beginning matches, the game against Vikings last round was barely predictable, they wounded up with an unexpected draw. And this time around against the Redskins, it could be headway for them.

Betting tip: Redskins +3 (BET NOW)

3:00am Kansas City Chief at San Francisco 49ers

The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated this season and Patrick Mahomes could be the Leagues next great quarterback. The 49ers have started the season with a win and a loss but will find the Chief’s offense a bit too much to handle this week.

Betting tip: Chiefs -6.5 (BET NOW)

3:00am Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are building towards a win, and with the unpredictable nature of this NFL season, we’ll take them with the +3 in front of their home crowd.

Betting tip: Raiders +3 (BET NOW)

3:00am Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

For the Eagles against the colts, the table could turn in the favor of the former. Both teams have good defense and the game is heading to be tough for both of them and we’ll take the Colts with the +6.

Betting tip: Colts +6 (BET NOW)

3:00am Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

The Jaguars are in red hot form and are not giving any chances to their opponents. The Titans are coming off a narrow win over the Texans but will find the Jaguars to be too tough this week.

Betting tip: Jaguars at the line (BET NOW)

3:00am Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals

The Carolina Panthers have started the season with one loss and one win and they still have plenty of upside. The Bengals are a tough side but we think the Panthers will get the win here on the road.

Betting tip: Panthers to win (BET NOW)

3:00am Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

Denver are solid in their defense but they shouldn’t bank on the fact that the Ravens losing to Bengals, gives them an easy victory. Baltimore will bring the fight to Denver but we’ll have to take the Broncos at home with the +5 in what should be a close one.

Betting tip: Broncos +5 (BET NOW)

3:00am Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Drew Bress of the Saints completed over 80 percent of his passes last week, 3 touchdowns with no interceptions. The Falcons defeated the Carolina Panthers in the last match, nothing is stopping them from victory on this one too.

Betting tip: Falcons -3 (BET NOW)

6:05am Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Chargers

Although the Chargers lost to the Cardinals in the beginning matches, they won against the Bills, their ground game averaging 123 yards per contest defensively allowing 38 points and 362 yards per game is a huge encouragement and we’ll take them with the +7 points.

Betting tip: Chargers +7 (BET NOW)

6:25am Arizona Cardinals at Chicago Bears

The Cardinals were held scoreless last week in their 34-0 loss to the Rams while the Bears had a 7-point win over the Seahawks. It’s hard to see Arizona having a major form reversal, so we’ll take the Bears at the -5.5 line.

Betting tip: Bears -5.5 (BET NOW)

6:25am Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

The Seahawks are coming off a loss to the Bears, while the Cowboys are coming off a good win over the Giants. Seattle are currently without a win in the 2018-19 NFL season, and we think Dallas will keep it that way this week and we’ll pick them to win.

Betting tip: Dallas to win (BET NOW)

10:20am Detroit Lions & New England Patriots

The Lions may have lost their first two matches of the season but the Patriots shouldn’t underestimate them. The Patriots are coming off a loss to the Jaguars, but how often do the Patriots lose two in a row? We’re happy to have a big play on the Patriots in this one.

Betting tip: Patriots to win (BET NOW)

Tuesday 25/09/18

10:20am Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Buccaneers were smooth in their win over the Eagles last week, while the Steelers lost a high-scoring match to the Chiefs. We think Tampa Bay will get their first win of the season here in a tough battle with the Steelers.

Betting tip: Tampa Bay to win (BET NOW)

Once again, all odds are with Sportsbet – our No. 1 rated bookmaker. You can join Sportsbet by clicking HERE.



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