2020 Marbula One Championship – Preview, Betting Tips & Odds

Jelle’s Marble Runs was a sensation on YouTube, and eventually found itself featuring on ESPN’s The Ocho.

Featuring all forms of marble contests, including the Marblympics, Jelle’s Marble Runs have now become a betting contest.

The Marbula One Championship is in full swing, with the Savage Speeders leading the competition with 70 points. The competition now moves to Razzway, where the best marbles will race down a track in the hopes of winning it all.

Despite being marbles, it’s great fun, professionally run, and BetEasy has a full market available.

Not familiar with marble racing? You can watch a replay of the race 4 below to get an idea of the action:

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Marbula One 2020 Season Betting Tips

We pick up midway through the season where the cream of the crop has separated themselves from the pack. The Savage Speedsters hold a five-point lead over the Hazers, but many teams are still in the hunt.

Team Galactic sits in third position and they have a big social media following. The Snowballs and fan-favourite O’rangers vacate fourth position, but they have some ground to make up on the Savage Speedsters.

It’s not too late for the likes of Mellow Yellow and Green Ducks to make a late run. They are suited by the tight-turning Razzland track, which consists of 14 laps and eight turns.

Let’s look at the best Marbula One chances and their respective odds.

Savage Speeders: $3 @ BetEasy.com.au – Bet Now

Living up to their name, the Savage Speedsters have set the benchmark this season. They currently sit on top of the leaderboard and it’s their competition to lose.

The long straight at Razzland should be ideal and the average lap time is 0:21.11, which the Savage Speedsters are more than capable of beating.

The other teams know how good the Savage Speedsters are, so we could see some dirty tactics come in play. They’ll have to be careful of Balls of Chaos and Rojo Rollers, who have no problems trying to take out their opposition.

If the Savage Speedsters can overcome these barriers, they could pull away and take out Marbula One 2020.

Hazers: $4 @ BetEasy.com.au – Bet Now

Right on the heels of the Savage Speedsters are the Hazers. They have been consistent throughout the season, keeping a tight unit throughout the races.

Not a popular team before the season started, fans are starting to rally for the Hazers. It would be an underdog story of epic proportions, and they could just do it.

Razzland features a ramp, and Hazers have shown their ability to adjust to obstacles this season. They’re a nimble unit, and picking up speed around the turns have been no problem for them.

$4 is solid value for a team within striking distance.

O’rangers: $7.50 @ BetEasy.com.au – Bet Now

We like the chances of the O’rangers, which are easy to spot with their distinctive orange colour. Currently sitting in fourth position with Snowballs, O’rangers are within striking distance.

Without being mean to its team members, the O’rangers are carrying a little more weight than other teams. It could work for them as the season progresses, with the tracks getting tighter.

Moving around the solid pack of the O’rangers will be tough, so look for them to score plenty of points at Razzland.

We’re expecting the $7.50 to firm as the competition progresses. They usually finish strong and due to their strong following in The Netherlands, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them drop to $5.50.

Team Primary: $13 @ BetEasy.com.au – Bet Now

It wouldn’t be the most popular win in Marbula history, but Team Primary have been going about their business.

They sit on 42 points, which is 28 behind leaders Savage Speeders, but there’s time to catch up. They could score a good total at Razzland and sneak up the leaderboard.

The $13 is good value at this stage of the season, so take them as a roughie selection.

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