How to Watch & Live Stream Esports in Australia

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Few sports have revolutionised the market in recent times as much as e-Sports have. Once seen as a vocational activity, e-Sports have now become hugely important within the global sport market and the viewing options available to fans have never been greater.

Competitions such as the Rocket League Oceania Championship have been shown through Let’s Play Live on free-to-air television in Australia in recent years, testament to the importance of the sport within the national landscape.

In the age of COVID 19 too, e-Sports have cemented themselves on the market as one of the major sports that can be played from home – without social interaction, a fact that should strengthen their global appeal moving forward.

Games such as Fortnite, Dota 2 and League of Legends attract fans from all over the world and the players that take part have become worldwide icons, with the sums of money available to e-Sports players comparable to other sporting disciplines.

How to watch or live stream Esports

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Despite their rise in popularity within the younger generations, e-Sports are still establishing themselves within the TV market.

Part of the reason for this is that most e-Sports contests are available to view through live streaming platforms, anyway, serving TV viewing somewhat redundant.

But e-Sports have been and are being shown in Australia, with Channel 7’s sister station 7mate seen as the viewing home of e-Sports on TV.

Live streaming of most games is done through the actual games themselves, with fans able to watch their heroes in action through either social media avenues or tuning in to coverage put out by the game provider itself.

Live streaming Esports on Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports

Whilst e-Sports are still finding their feet in the more traditional viewing market, Kayo Sports have been quick to snap up some of the viewing rights.

Games such as NBA 2K are available to watch through Kayo Sports – with players representing their actual NBA clubs on a professional basis.

Replays and game highlights are available through Kayo Sports, who also offer programmes about the history of e-Sports and the professional gaming industry.

The basic Kayo subscription costs $25 a month, which allows users to watch all the sport they want on 2 screens at the same time, whilst a premium Kayo Sports subscription enables 3 simultaneous streams for $35 a month.

Kayo Sports offers subscribers access to over 50 sports, with action taking place all over the world – making it a must have for any sports fan.

New subscribers can also access a free, 14-day trial with Kayo Sports.

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